Artist Statement

Art that makes the viewer experience the world in a more humane way is the most powerful kind of art experience. I am always asking, how can I create a piece of work that transcends mere paint on canvas to become an image that makes a broader impact? Can an object on the wall really change a society or is it the creative process – what happens while a piece is being created-that is life-altering? As an artist I am intrigued by the juxtaposition of seemingly separate worlds existing simultaneously, and within these worlds the even smaller microcosms. My work tries to capture our fragmented lives, the remnants and the sewn pieces that create our days, our unconscious and our memories. The use of the grid structure within the pieces allows the viewer to experience images from a variety of sources within one context. I try to make the viewer an active participant in the creation of meaning through the use of narrative elements. Through this exchange, the viewer becomes an essential component of the creative process.

The Fight Within2014, Mixed Media on Paper, 22 x 30